How to Install Ninja Security Fence


Firstly, you’ll need to ensure you have your fence panels, fence posts, and fence clamps all accessible. All other items such as zinc bolts and post caps should also be readily available all facets of your fencing system eventually come together. The security fence systems are welded with low carbon steel wire and surfaces treated with electrostatic polyester powder over galvanized materials. The panels are held up by posts on both sides and clamped together using clips. 

Step 1

The post location and panel should be measured. Once measured, proceed to dig holes for posts. The post is 300mm longer than the fence and this should be taken into consideration when placing the pole locations and fence panels.

Step 2

Install the post utilizing concrete, if you are utilizing the flange type post, you can simply install it on top of the surface that you currently have. Utilizing a level or wire to ensure the poles are straight are recommended.

Step 3

Repeat the previous step however install the second post and set the fencing. The fencing should be set stable to allow some time for the concrete to dry.

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